The advantages of group exercise in relation to independent work in the gym

Group training sessions or programs are not something new in the gyms. They were first introduced among women. In the past, a situation where men and women exercise together in the same room was not acceptable. Women were separated in this way and that’s why when someone mentions group training we usually imagine a group of women that exercise.

These exercise routines are designed for performing complete training that usually lasts for about 60 minutes. When we say complete training we mean activation of almost all muscle groups and muscles no matter what type of training you are practicing – flexibility, weight, endurance etc.

One of the activities that were similar to group exercise and were practiced before group exercise is aerobics. Today, there are many different programs that have different names and concepts. Zumba, power Pilates, military drill are only some of the names of these programs. They are adjusted to broad mass of people, although some of them are light and calm while others are difficult and demanding. In most cases every individual can find a program that suits their abilities and requirements.

Group exercises are led by qualified instructors and trainers, educated for this activity. By filling out medical history, instructors get feedback regarding who are they working with, does the individual suffer from certain injury and can they start with a specific program.


Most modern fitness centers have group exercise/training in their offer. There are many cases in which people are aware that they need to exercise and be physically active, but they don’t know what’s best for them. Trainers, who are there to help people who exercise or start with exercises, very often can’t monitor all the people at once. These are the situations when various injuries happen.

Gym and exercising at the gym is a specific activity. You know exactly how you should perform the exercises, which machine is adequate for the muscle group you want to activate and many other things. Only one wrong move, one wrong exercise can cause more harm than good.

That’s exactly why, beginners need to use the service of a personal trainer who will monitor their progress and teach them how to exercise in the right way or previously mentioned group exercise where people are constantly monitored by instructors.

Innovations included in group exercise like using certain equipment, bicycles, bars and similar equipment have made group exercise attractive for male population too. There are more and more men who exercise in groups and many of them combine group exercise with gym exercise and in this way they complete the training work and activate muscles in various ways which leads to better and faster results. That’s why experts recommend group exercise for all individuals who often change their mind or simply don’t know what they should practice.

The main advantages of group exercise are:

  • Carefully planned and specific training focused on activation of all muscles
  • Training supervised by experienced and qualified trainers
  • Training that lasts 60 minutes
  • Entertaining and dynamic training
  • Highly motivational

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