Getting in shape in only three simple steps

If you want to achieve the best possible results in the shortest period of time then you definitely must try some exercises that have already proven to be very effective. Women shouldn’t avoid exercises and training routines that involve weight lifting. What really matters is the way they use these weights. In addition, they should also eliminate the belief that having slightly toned muscles looks manly. This is just wrong, because latest studies have confirmed that more than 70% of men find toned muscles in women attractive. As we have mentioned before it is really important to practice weight training in the right way. If you are planning to do this type of training at home, the best idea is to purchase a popular workout. Beachbody workouts have helped thousands of men and women around the world. They provide specially designed exercises and fitness programs that are based on efficiency and safety. In this way, you can get even better results than going into your local gym. In order to present you an insight of some of the programs you can find in these workout DVDs.



  1. Exercises for the upper part of the body

These exercises should be performed on the first day of the exercising program. Focus on exercises intended for the upper part of the body, shoulders, chest and triceps and try to pay special attention to the chest muscles because when you activate them you are also working on the muscles in your shoulders and arms too. Fitness trainers (working for Beachbody) are advising a combination of 70% exercises for the chest muscles, 20% for the shoulders and about 10% for the triceps. The exercises that you need to perform include exercises with small dumbbells, lifting weight from a sitting position, push-ups etc.

  1. Exercises for the legs

On the second day of the exercising program you should focus on the leg muscles. Since there are many muscles located in our legs, you should try to activate all groups of muscles. The best way to begin is by practicing squats and they should cover at least half of the training. After that, practice a step forward and in case you have certain equipment that can be helpful for the front and rear calf muscles you should definitely use it. The best way to do this training is to start with the more intensive exercises and finish with the easier exercises.

  1. Exercises for the upper part of the body (part 2)

The third day is reserved for the muscles in the upper part of the body, but unlike the exercises we have mentioned before, this time you should not lift weight, but drag weight instead. Once again, start with the more demanding exercises and end with the simpler exercises. Lift the weights from the floor to the chest and after that pull ropes and do some push-ups quickly. Don’t think that by practicing these exercises you will neglect the stomach and your buttocks because by performing these exercises you are activating the muscles in these areas too.

Follow this routine every week and the results will be visible in three or four weeks.

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