p90 review

P90 is the new program by Tony Horton released by Beachbody. The one you can do, this fitness program is designed to meet the needs of everybody. Suitable for beginners, but offering fitness veterans a chance to challenge themselves too, P90 is everything holistic fitness is all about jammed into one program.



Simple cardio

The cardio routines are designed so that beginners will feel comfortable approaching higher levels of intensity. There is less jumping here than it usually goes with Beachbody products, but the cardio element is still very noticeable. The interesting thing is that cardio, as well as resistance training can be modified to suit your level of fitness.

Complex and less complex resistance moves

The workouts are easier to do, but can be modified to every level of intensity. Therefore P90 is working for beginners just as much as it will work for people more experienced with fitness and exercise.

The resistance moves that come as a foundation of this program are mostly less complex and involve your own body weight as a resistance supplier. They are divided by simple cardio intervals, and moreover mixed with more complex resistance moves following right after.

This, combined with adding weights later on, is a perfect approach to holistic fitness. The exercises and intervals are not only designed well, but positioned in such a way during the workout that it will make you engage your whole body way more, thus witnessing faster improvement.

What will P90 do for you?

While there are P90 workout reviews out there that go into detail on what will happen to your body once you start the program, I will say only this:

  • Your amount of body fat will dramatically decrease, and usually it will be very noticeable even after a week or two.
  • Your muscle tone will be way more defined, and as you progress further into the program (say second and third month), you will start to see some muscle growth.
  • You will jump higher, run faster, and become way stronger, balanced, flexible and agile. That’s right, in regard to everything that I wrote previously about functional and holistic fitness, P90 is the answer to most of your expectations.
  • Having a meal plan included, P90 will also guide you well through changing your dieting habits, and thus improve tenfold your fitness improvement.
  • Aside from witnessing results with your body, you will witness incredible results with your health, and mind too. You will have more energy, feel energized throughout the day, and be more positive and relaxed overall. Better mood is almost guaranteed.

All the things that I listed above are possible only if you are willing to break a sweat, and work your way through the program. Tony Horton is an incredible motivator, and he will guide you through each of the workouts and give you three months of fun, challenge, and most of all self-improvement.

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