Fitness regiments to try

In addition to what I previously have said about functional fitness, I would like to point out couple of fitness programs and routines for you to try. They all are based on very similar, even same principles, and nearly all would improve your performance and functional fitness, all the while making you lose extra weight and build muscle.

Let’s start with basics and something more of a traditional approach.

The gym

Going to the gym, and starting with weight lifting will quickly and dramatically improve every aspect of your physical and functional fitness. You will see instant improvement in areas like strength and somewhat of cardio ability, and your speed will also increase. However, flexibility might suffer a bit, and you might end up with somewhat of a limited range of motion.

Therefore, starting in the gym, you must also pay attention to other areas, easily targeted by competitive sports, group sports like football and basketball, and some light stretching.


Running is a great base for your fitness capacity to improve. However, if you are more than just slightly overweight, running might cause additional problems with the ankles and joints, even some knee and back pain.

So, despite the fact that running will improve your cardio and speed, together with endurance and somewhat of strength, you will be wise to first start with some resistance workouts. For a week or two probably, before you can have your first run- at this point a jog.

Then, alongside with running, you can incorporate some resistance workouts within your schedule, mostly done by using your own bodyweight, or maybe supplementing some workouts on bars or maybe in the gym with weights.


A workout from Beachbody made by Tony Horton, this one is the on switch to fitness. The tagline says that this is the exercise everyone can do. Read more about it in this long P90 review on Lifestyle Updated. P90 is a holistic fitness routine, lasting for 90 days. It is a home DVD program, with exercises lasting between 25-45 minutes, and it incorporates all the previously mentioned aspects of functional fitness.

You can always try to mix every program you take with some yoga, running, swimming, and sports. Combined with balanced diet, these fitness regimens will some produce dramatic improvements in your physical capacity, as well as make you lose weight and build muscle.

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