Beachbody products review

At one stage of your fitness journey, you will require a dynamic mix of workouts and exercises, targeting more aspects of fitness at once. Truth is, you cannot just keep running until you get fit. It doesn’t work that way. It is either a holistic fitness program, or a sport which makes you move out of a specific and somewhat repetitive pattern (think basketball, soccer, tennis…).


And when it comes to fitness programs, most people either pay for a coach at the gym, or try to dissect someone’s workout routine. The one is expensive, and the other time consuming. Therefore, if people decide to follow a fitness program and not play some sport in order to get fit, I recommend either Focus T25 for beginners, and P90X and Insanity for those who want to push themselves hard.

These programs can be done from the comfort of your own living room, cost little, and serve you in terms of motivation, accountability, while providing a holistic approach to fitness, and hours of fun.

Focus T25 workout

By far the perfect program when it comes to finding the perfect line between easy and effective. Don’t get me wrong, Focus T25 is not easy at all. In fact, you can get more of a workout with this program than most gym routines you tried so far.

It lasts for 25 minutes, and so far it is its most revolutionary aspect, as well as allowing you to choose between more and less intensity as you’d like.

Its creator, Shaun T, is the same guy from the Insanity workout. A cool and inspiring coach that will help you get through the exercises no matter your level of fitness.

Focus T25 is divided into two phases, the Alpha phase and the Beta phase, and moreover it prepares you from simple jumping exercises that engage the core, to more complex resistance moves that add complexity and intensity. It is the perfect program since, out of the others, Focus T25 is the only one where you can modify every movement in the workouts- very suitable for beginners and people prone to injury.

For a more detailed view on the workout read this in-depth focus t25 review on Lifestyle Updated.


This workout is the first of its kind, and Tony Horton, its creator, is the first coach who introduced advanced fitness programs for home use to the masses.

His charming personality will keep you constantly engaged and pushing forward, and in the period of three months you will get the body you want.

Unlike Focus T25, P90X is centered more on strength and resistance training, and quite less on cardio. It lasts longer, has the same “calendar for consistency” approach, and a nutrition plan as well.

The workouts, not only longer, but also target a specific part of the body each day, as opposed to a more diversified take on workouts in Focus T25. If you compare Insanity in the mix too, these two programs instantly become more familiar to one another, simply because they are closer to one another in terms of intensity. Tony Horton recently announced new program, called the P90 workout, which should be easier than the P90X.

Insanity workout

The beast of fitness home workouts, and the hardest one up until now… This program runs for two months, and is insanely (no pun intended) hard. It is more cardio centered than any other, and unlike P90X and Focus T25 uses only your own body weight as to supply the resistance.

The workouts are longer than Focus T25 but somewhat similar in duration with P90X. Shaun T is right on the spot of motivating you and making you dig deeper.

The program makes you lose the most weight in record time, so expect a huge drop in numbers on the scale. The first month, somewhat easier when compared to the second, is still harder than what other workouts offer as its peak.

There are a lot of Yoga moves, strength exercises, and a lot and lot of cardio. I cannot stress this enough. The program also offers a nutrition guide and by far the most comprehensive one as well. Two things are certain with this workout:

  1. It is the hardest one there is
  2. You will lose the most amount of fat tissue than with any other method of training.


These workouts share a rather significant similarity. The training methods are similar, the results and the intensity… They are home workout programs, similarly motivating, similarly immersive. It is up to you to choose the one that is most suitable for you. Know your fitness level, your expectations, your circumstances, and your level of motivation and it will be easy to choose well.

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